The service

of the transport service

Main bus programme

All the mornings; return journeys on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at 16,20 and on Wednesday at 13,00.
Valid for all the pupils attending the European School of Varese.

Return journeys on Monday

At 13,00: only for pupils of Nursery and Primary classes 1, 2

Return journeys on Friday

At 13,00: only for pupils of Nursery, Primary classes and Secondary classes 1, 2, 3
At 16,20: only for pupils of Secondary classes 4, 5, 6, 7 and for S2 classes attending latin course and for classes from S1 to S3 attending the music course

Garderie bus service

All the afternoons, additional buses only for return journeys for pupils confirmed enrolled and accepted by JRC Garderie.

Additional bus service "C"

In view of the new school year, we are considering organising a 'C' bus service, which would transport students whose families find it logistically difficult to pick them up on their way back from school at the respective bus stops.
The feasibility of providing this additional bus service is, however, conditional on the enrolment of at least 40 users and the annual cost is Euro 750,00. 
It is understood that those interested are required to pay this annual fee at a fixed rate regardless of the number of trips used.
Should you need to use this service, please reply to this e-mail, following which, once the minimum number of registrations has been reached, we will provide you with instructions on how to proceed with registration, starting mid-September 2022, through our new website.