Always looking at families

The last two years have been a great challenge for all of us, as parents, as people, as workers.
The cooperative has weathered the pandemic together with families by untangling ever new rules, uncertainty and difficult organisational moments.
We have faced cost increases, not least the cost of fuel, we have adapted to new organisational methods, we have said goodbye to our beloved Mrs Contini who after more than 40 years of service is now dedicating herself to new projects of freedom, we are facing challenges and unforeseen expenses thanks to careful management of resources and thanks to your support and solidarity.
But in our journey together, which has sometimes included many climbs, the parents, part of the board of directors, and I have used all the energy that moves us for a common purpose and also a glimpse into the future.
We wanted to use the wind of change as an engine to run a mill and thus harness its strength and energy to renew ourselves and always improve the service for the good of all of us, the families.
It is with great pleasure that this year, after a year of hard work, we are able to offer an online service via a website that will allow you to manage your data and transport for the whole family more easily and in a modern way. 
I would also like to thank the families for their support, the entire board of directors, made up of different cultures and languages who, thanks to this diversity, work with inclusion in a project with great added value, who support me and with whom we work constructively and with synergy; last but not least in importance I would like to thank Monica and Valentina, our guardian angels, thanks to whom more than 900 children move safely to the European school and home every day.

Getting together is a start, staying together is a project, working together is a success. Henry Ford